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Smart Phones And Tablets Replacing Alarm Clocks, GPS Devices & Digicams, According To Mobile Survey – Photo sampling.

Tablets and smart phones, stuffed with features and applications, are replacing other technology devices for many customers, according to a mobile survey conducted by Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) among smartphone and tablet users on their devices. A major percentage of smartphone / tablet users say their portable device has replaced a standard alarm clock (61.1%) and a GPS device (52.3%). Four in ten smartphone / tablet users say their mobile gadget has replaced a digital camera (44.3%), a personal planner (41.6%) and a landline phone (40.3%). More than a third don’t need a separate MP3 unit (37.6%) or a video camera (34.2%). Replaced by Smartphone or Tablet . Alarm Clock : 61.1% . GPS : 52.3% . Electronic camera : 44.3% . Personal planner : 41.6% . Landline telephone : 40.3% . Mp3 Player : 37.6% . Camcorder : 34.2% . Paper : 28.2% . Radio : 27.5% . Desktop / Laptop PC : 24.2% . Gaming device : 20.8% . Books : 20.1% . Net service at home : 19.5% . DVD Player : 14.1% . Source : Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) Mobile Survey, June-11 . For a full, complimentary report, click here or fill out the form below.

. It is no surprise that tablets and smart phones can easily stand in for other gadgets or media outlets, but can they replace a wallet? 57.7% of smartphone and tablet owners say they would be rather or very comfortable using their device to make a purchase in a store. 22.8% are uncertain while 19.5% would be not at all or not comfortable using this new “swipe technology.” . Notwithstanding cutting edge new gadgets, thousands of applications and a growing number of uses for new mobile devices, purchasers still say reliable service is important. A vast majority (77.9%) of smartphone / tablet users say the best service is more important than the newest technology (22.1%). Contact : . Prosper Mobile Insights(TM) . Chrissy (at) bigresearch (dot) com . Randi Honkonen . Randi (at) bigresearch (dot) com . 614-846-0146 . Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) is a trademark of Flourish Business Development, Company.

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