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WakeMate Smartphone Accessory V2 Now Available And Plans Narrated For Hardware API :- Nokia phone.

Perfect 3rd, Inc, a forerunner in the appraised self information revolution, today unveiled the launching of WakeMate(R) V2, the next generation of the WakeMate smartphone accessory now available at the WakeMate online store Offerte internet WakeMate V2 offers updated features to the WakeMate smartphone accessory and includes improvements to the mobile app, key enhancements to the WakeMate internet site and new Web-based user analytics. Main features in the WakeMate V2 include :

  • In app sleep analysing
  • Improved Bluetooth reliability (connecting and pairing)
  • Offline information storage (Internet connection no longer needed)
  • Improved tagging UI (syncs with website)
  • Battery life and battery life calculation optimization
  • Option for larger wristband
  • Information Analysis on web – shows perfect bedtime, wake time and length of sleep

Here’s how WakeMate V2 works : . The WakeMate wristband records subtle body movements using actigraphy – a scientifically proven method to track an individual’s sleep. WakeMate analyzes a user’s movements and communicates wirelessly with the person’s cell-phone to calculate the perfect wake point nearest the selected alarm time to make sure that the user rouses easily, feeling naturally alert and refreshed.

nokia pure view WakeMate then automatically uploads the user’s sleep data to its Net-based analytics platform (Wakelytics(TM)), which provides the user with a nightly sleep report and understanding about how to best improve their sleep. See the WakeMate V2 in action. Watch the product demo here : the site . “We understand that any new way of living technology must be straightforward to use ; it has to fit elegantly into your life before it is possible to truly begin to appreciate the benefits.

Bearing that in mind, we designed WakeMate’s user experience to be as near to fully automated as practical : slip on the wristband and press a single button in the mobile app,” claims Greg Nemeth, Co-founder and President at Ideal 3rd, Incorporated. “Not merely will you wake at the best time, but your information is automatically collected, uploaded, and investigated on our Wakelytics platform every morning. Our target was to reduce the effort needed from the user and maximise the benefits they reap.” . Recent findings from the Worldwide Mobile Health Market Report 2010-20 support that the long-expected mobile radical reform in healthcare is ready to occur and more 5 hundred million folks will use mobile health apps by 2015. “We’ll shortly see a large range of sensor-based accessories for better living : sleep monitors, blood sugar testing for those with diabetes, personalized calorie trackers, and more . WakeMate is spearheading that movement today by opening an API around our hardware,” claims Arun Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of WakeMate.

. The API is in private beta, but if you’re a developer interested in utilizing the mobile bluetooth sensor, please contact greg (at) wakemate (dot) com. About WakeMate . WakeMate(R) is the first smartphone accessory that can help you enhance your sleep. The WakeMate wristband records body movement while you rest, which it uses to determine the ideal wake point nearest to your pre-set alarm time. This guarantees that you wake easily, feeling naturally alert and refreshed.

Next, your recorded sleep info is automatically sent to WakeMate’s analysing platform (Wakelytics(TM)) where it is evaluated, so that you can understand how to optimise the quality and potency of your sleep. WakeMate shows you the easy way to sleep less and feel better .