Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

Nokia Pure View: whole lotta pixels!

The screen of the coming soon Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels!

Size might not matter, but when size is also smart it does matter, indeed! I mean, how would you like to capture the structure of an ice crystal in a casual photoshoot with your phone? Does it sound intriguing? Here we are talking about megapixels. The new smartphone from Finland, Nokia 808 Pure View, has 41 of them. Yep, you got it: 41 megapixels.

The well-schooled guys out there know, though, that resolution means nothing without lenses and overall quality of the camera. And here comes the smart of Nokia Pure View. Not only does Nokia partner with Carl Zeiss for its phones’ lenses, which is pretty impressive, anyway. It’s the whole sampling process.

The smart sampling of Nokia Pure View

What nokia pure view does is shrinking 7px sampling into one single pixel. This allowed the Finnish engineers to achieve stunning picture quality, incredible details, much depth and, most importantly, a very low noise level.

This amazing sampling technique allows you to zoom 4x without affecting the quality of the photo. You can also take videos at 1080p and zoom 3p in; and you can zoom up to 6x when filming at 720p. Nokia Pure View is also the first Nokia phone to record in high-definition, also supporting Dolby Digital Plus.

41 Megapixels and beyond

Talking about hardware, this new smartphone has a 1.3GHz single core chip and a ram of 512MB. Not much, compared to superpowerful quad-core smartphone these days. Still, this was a  by Nokia, that – unlike some of its fancier competitors – aimed at keeping things simple, without affecting the smooth and fast experience hand-on.

This minimalist outlook ensures the prices to be well under control when nokia pure view comes to the shelves in May 2012. The selling price is rumored to be around 450$, which, considering the multimedia assets of this phone, is a pretty intriguing deal.

The letdown

The letdown is that the phone will run on Symbian OS. As you might have heard, Nokia has already announced that by 2016 the production of Symbian phones will come to an end. This means not only that software updates will cease, but also that developers won’t spend much time in building apps for the Ovi store.

Given the ever growing importance other developers such as Apple and Google are putting into app marketplaces, the decision to run the nokia pure view on Symbian sounds somehow dumb.

Anyway recent reviews of the latest Symbian version, named Belle, all give it a thumb up. It is much faster and the look and feel has improved quite a lot. Hopefully Nokia Pure View won’t be much harmed by this choice by Nokia.

Are you ready to be stunned?

Whatever the OS, anyway, the multimedial experience of Nokia Pure View will surely be worth every single cent. Mobile camera lovers are advised.

If you really wanna say “ooh”, jump at minute 1:35 of the video below. You’ll be amazed, I promise.


HTC Accounts For Almost Half Purchaser Smartphone Comments Online : Nokia pure view.

DigitalMR analysed over 190 ; million customer comments about smartphones across Jan-Jun 2011. Over two-thirds (69%) of these client views are positive, compared with 31% negative. HTC collects more mentions than any other brand, with a 44% market share of all positive comments and a 32% share of, the littler, negative comments group.

Next placed is Motorola with 16% of positive touches on and 21% of negative, followed by Apple – 12% positive, 15% negative. . Results are based primarily on comments posted by consumers on the major smartphone brands : Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Edge (Blackberry), HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and HP across Jan-June 2011. DigitalMR’s analysis (powered by SocialNuggets) is based on comments posted via a selection of applicable web sites and open access social media distribution systems. It measures, not only the number of comments posted by purchasers on the internet, but also their sentiment – whether posts are negative or positive in nature.

. M. D of DigitalMR, Michalis Michael commented : “Although Blackberry and iPhone are perceived to be the market leading models, HTC is the major player when it comes to online buzz. Its younger audience profile appears to be more vocal and their personal recommendation is a great deal more positive than negative”. With many new customers now placed to replace standard handsets with smartphones, what do existing consumers actually think about them? . 1. Net Sentiment . All the brands measured, achieve a positive Net Sentiment Score (NSS) for Jan-June, except Huawei with minus 51%. NSS provides an overall percentage score of net positive posts.

. This shows buyers are generally very happy with their devices and are sharing the good news online . Of the three most talked about brands on the internet, HTC had a NSS of 51%, followed by below average scores of 28% for Motorola and 27% for Apple. 2. Positive and negative posts . HTC generates more than three times as many positive online comments as negative, and it accounts for 44% of all positive posts among purchasers on the internet across Jan-Jun 2011. The following highest performers are Motorola 16%, followed by Apple and Samsung, both with 12%. Of all negative posts measured, HTC accounts for 32%. Motorola is next with 21%, followed by Apple 15% and Samsung 14%. 3. Features . DigitalMR measured thousands of purchaser posts per the services and features attributed to smartphones.

. For operators trying to find service enhancements, the most adversely commented upon feature was “Connectivity” which accounted for 18% of negative service related comments. However, overall comments on features are nearly 2 times as likely to be positive as negative. 4. In their words – positive purchaser comments . Connectivity : . “A mate has an HTC Need, it has all that you need.

nokia pure view If you have Gmail as your e-mail client, you can download an App for it which makes sending e-mail just about as simple as it is on your portable you can send attachments from your phone easy”. The site . If you not after a smartphone per say then Telstra also offer their Blue Tick range of handsets which are stated as having the best reception connectivity on NextG.

Overall the finest choice would be the Nokia N8!”. Click now for more positive purchaser comments . 5. How smartphone brands can use social media to their advantage . About the syndicated smartphone report . DigitalMR produces monthly reports which monitor thousands of customers’ online talks through comments posted on open-access social media distribution systems such as Facebook and Twitter, forums, blogs, microblogs and commercial internet sites, for comments concerning smartphone services.

The report is available on annual subscription with updates provided on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. Results will be updated to the press on a once a month basis. Contact . For regular reports and more information : . Michalis A.

the website Launches Mobile Site for Smartphone Users to Search and Compare Online Life Assurance Quotes Whenever, Wherever :- Nokia pure view.

An expert in online term life assurance and long-term care insurance shopping and purchasing, recently launched a new mobile site optimized for smartphone functionality. This new site, aimed toward iPhone, Android alongside other smartphone device users, is available online instantly at our internet site . “Our mobile site provides gives convenient access to all the great tools and content folk need to buy, compare and purchase term life and long term care insurance, even if they are away from their computers,” says Byron Udell, founder and General Manager of AccuQuote.

“Whether you are at your child’s activity, sitting in an airfield, or away from your desk, AccuQuote wants to be there at your convenience on your time to assist with your needs.” . The the website mobile site allows smartphone users an interactive way to search and compare free online life insurance and long term care insurance quotations from a number of strongly recommended carriers. Additionally, the site features a catalogue of the top insurance carriers that our site represents, as well as tips everybody interested in purchasing life assurance needs to grasp so as to make an informed, informed choice. Call 888-314-4455. About AccuQuote. Offerte Internet. AccuQuote helps shoppers find the best values in life insurance by mixing instant online life insurance quotes with the private service of fair life assurance execs who answer questions, identify vital issues and make meaningful suggestions. The company offers consumers an extensive selection of life insurance products, including term life, whole life, universal life, random death, long term care, disability and selected pensions.

The website has many handy insurance tools, including a term life insurance calculator press release distributors to help consumers determine their life assurance wants a thesaurus of industry language, a collection of articles and press releases that cover many life insurance topics and a blog that provides chances for conversation on life assurance and personal finance. For further info or to get free quotes for lower cost life assurance, call AccuQuote at 888-314-4455.

Smart Phones And Tablets Replacing Alarm Clocks, GPS Devices & Digicams, According To Mobile Survey – Photo sampling.

Tablets and smart phones, stuffed with features and applications, are replacing other technology devices for many customers, according to a mobile survey conducted by Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) among smartphone and tablet users on their devices. A major percentage of smartphone / tablet users say their portable device has replaced a standard alarm clock (61.1%) and a GPS device (52.3%). Four in ten smartphone / tablet users say their mobile gadget has replaced a digital camera (44.3%), a personal planner (41.6%) and a landline phone (40.3%). More than a third don’t need a separate MP3 unit (37.6%) or a video camera (34.2%). Replaced by Smartphone or Tablet . Alarm Clock : 61.1% . GPS : 52.3% . Electronic camera : 44.3% . Personal planner : 41.6% . Landline telephone : 40.3% . Mp3 Player : 37.6% . Camcorder : 34.2% . Paper : 28.2% . Radio : 27.5% . Desktop / Laptop PC : 24.2% . Gaming device : 20.8% . Books : 20.1% . Net service at home : 19.5% . DVD Player : 14.1% . Source : Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) Mobile Survey, June-11 . For a full, complimentary report, click here or fill out the form below.

. It is no surprise that tablets and smart phones can easily stand in for other gadgets or media outlets, but can they replace a wallet? 57.7% of smartphone and tablet owners say they would be rather or very comfortable using their device to make a purchase in a store. 22.8% are uncertain while 19.5% would be not at all or not comfortable using this new “swipe technology.” . Notwithstanding cutting edge new gadgets, thousands of applications and a growing number of uses for new mobile devices, purchasers still say reliable service is important. A vast majority (77.9%) of smartphone / tablet users say the best service is more important than the newest technology (22.1%). Contact : . Prosper Mobile Insights(TM) . Chrissy (at) bigresearch (dot) com . Randi Honkonen . Randi (at) bigresearch (dot) com . 614-846-0146 . Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) is a trademark of Flourish Business Development, Company.

SSI . Ilene_Siegalovsky (at) surveysampling (dot) com . 203-567-7230 . Survey Sampling Global (survey sampling Tariffe telefoniche a confronto ) is the premier world supplier of sampling solutions for survey research. SSI reaches respondents in 72 states via Net, fone and mobile / wireless. Customer services include questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, and information processing.

SSI serves more than two thousand clients, including forty eight of the top 50 research organizations. Founded in 1977, SSI has seventeen offices in fifteen nations.

Safety5 Call Management Application Now Available For BlackBerry And Android Smartphones – Nokia phone.

Out to dinner, in a meeting or on vacation, Safety5 from Mercury Technologies turns any BlackBerry(R) or Android(TM) smartphone into a call management tool to stay in touch with family or crucial contacts. “For carers and businessmen alike, the portable gadget has become a necessary tool for keeping in touch with the people that are necessary to them,” said Torin Federico, CEO of Mercury Technologies. “With our always-on culture it can be tricky to have uninterrupted private time or to screen out all but only vital calls during important business meetings. For parents and caregivers, Safety5 provides assurance by allowing you to go out to dinner and only get calls from your youngster’s baby-sitter. For business pros, Safety5 allows you to stay in touch with your boss or important clients whether or not you are on the golfing course or in a meeting.” . With Safety5, users choose the numbers they would like to receive calls from and while the application is running, all of the other calls will go directly to voicemail.

nokia pure view The application can simply be caused from an icon on the ribbon and call screening status is prepared to find on the home screen. Contact management features are also available including adding or deleting numbers right from the addresses book. Safety5 doesn’t affect anything else running on the phone and all the other telephone functions can run uninterrupted. To start, visit the BlackBerry(R) AppWorld(TM) : the website or Android(TM) Market : the internet site Confronto tariffe telefoniche About Safety5 . Safety5 is a revolutionary call management application that turns your BlackBerry(TM) or Android(TM) smartphone into a tool to stay in touch with your folks or vital contacts.

With Safety5, users can select up to five numbers to get calls from and while the application is running, all the other calls will go direct to voicemail. Safety5 gives users peace of mind by letting them have uninterrupted private time or to screen out all but only imperative calls during critical business conferences. Learn more about Safety5 and download the application at safety5app . BlackBerry and AppWorld are registered trademarks of Research in Motion . Android is a registered trademark of Google.

WakeMate Smartphone Accessory V2 Now Available And Plans Narrated For Hardware API :- Nokia phone.

Perfect 3rd, Inc, a forerunner in the appraised self information revolution, today unveiled the launching of WakeMate(R) V2, the next generation of the WakeMate smartphone accessory now available at the WakeMate online store Offerte internet WakeMate V2 offers updated features to the WakeMate smartphone accessory and includes improvements to the mobile app, key enhancements to the WakeMate internet site and new Web-based user analytics. Main features in the WakeMate V2 include :

  • In app sleep analysing
  • Improved Bluetooth reliability (connecting and pairing)
  • Offline information storage (Internet connection no longer needed)
  • Improved tagging UI (syncs with website)
  • Battery life and battery life calculation optimization
  • Option for larger wristband
  • Information Analysis on web – shows perfect bedtime, wake time and length of sleep

Here’s how WakeMate V2 works : . The WakeMate wristband records subtle body movements using actigraphy – a scientifically proven method to track an individual’s sleep. WakeMate analyzes a user’s movements and communicates wirelessly with the person’s cell-phone to calculate the perfect wake point nearest the selected alarm time to make sure that the user rouses easily, feeling naturally alert and refreshed.

nokia pure view WakeMate then automatically uploads the user’s sleep data to its Net-based analytics platform (Wakelytics(TM)), which provides the user with a nightly sleep report and understanding about how to best improve their sleep. See the WakeMate V2 in action. Watch the product demo here : the site . “We understand that any new way of living technology must be straightforward to use ; it has to fit elegantly into your life before it is possible to truly begin to appreciate the benefits.

Bearing that in mind, we designed WakeMate’s user experience to be as near to fully automated as practical : slip on the wristband and press a single button in the mobile app,” claims Greg Nemeth, Co-founder and President at Ideal 3rd, Incorporated. “Not merely will you wake at the best time, but your information is automatically collected, uploaded, and investigated on our Wakelytics platform every morning. Our target was to reduce the effort needed from the user and maximise the benefits they reap.” . Recent findings from the Worldwide Mobile Health Market Report 2010-20 support that the long-expected mobile radical reform in healthcare is ready to occur and more 5 hundred million folks will use mobile health apps by 2015. “We’ll shortly see a large range of sensor-based accessories for better living : sleep monitors, blood sugar testing for those with diabetes, personalized calorie trackers, and more . WakeMate is spearheading that movement today by opening an API around our hardware,” claims Arun Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of WakeMate.

. The API is in private beta, but if you’re a developer interested in utilizing the mobile bluetooth sensor, please contact greg (at) wakemate (dot) com. About WakeMate . WakeMate(R) is the first smartphone accessory that can help you enhance your sleep. The WakeMate wristband records body movement while you rest, which it uses to determine the ideal wake point nearest to your pre-set alarm time. This guarantees that you wake easily, feeling naturally alert and refreshed.

Next, your recorded sleep info is automatically sent to WakeMate’s analysing platform (Wakelytics(TM)) where it is evaluated, so that you can understand how to optimise the quality and potency of your sleep. WakeMate shows you the easy way to sleep less and feel better .

Spy-Tracker(TM) Adds Smartphone Real-time Tracking Access To Leading GPS, Personal & Staff Tracking Service | Nokia pure view.

Spy-Tracker(TM) Adds Smartphone Real-time Tracking Access to Leading GPS, Private & Staff Tracking Service . Buntingford, UK, June 28th, 2011 . Personal & Staff GPS Location & Tracking company, Spy-Tracker(TM) reported today the addition of smartphone tracking support on their market leading Global Tracking Services, Spy-Tracker(TM) & Staff-Tracker(TM). “By utilizing the browser on any smartphone, you are now able to track the location movements of the carrier, in just about real time, anywhere internationally, where there's suitable GPS access” claimed Spy-Tracker Promoting Director, Alex Kafkarides. “Being able to find your youngsters or aged family, and be certain of their safety – wherever you are, will give comfort to several people” he said. For locating and monitoring family members like kids teenagers on trips, or old kin, Spy-Tracker(TM) can find them in a moment, and send you an alarm if they press the emergency button, or if they have left their safety zone – perhaps their school, their street, city or even the party they are attending – as long as they have the tracker with them, you may know where they are . Spy-Tracker(TM) is sufficiently small to fit into a college bag or possibly even a pocket.

It will tell you if your kids have left the safeness of their college or the home of a mate. The emergency button is also terribly handy for elderly folks have left the safeness of their home and need insistent help. Spy-tracker will send you their location immediately, and you can then track their movements utilising the new smartphone app. Spy-Tracker is may also be used for the location & time-management of all field staff. It is a little & light Global tracking system, that can be carried in the pocket, attached to a belt or in a briefcase or toolchest. It sends a location update every 1 minute and has a battery charge lifespan of 3-5 days with normal use. Staff-Tracker will monitor the movements of field personnel, including : . 1) Start address / Location . 2) Destination address / location . 3) Journey start time / Journey End Time . 4) Miles travelled to each meeting . 5) Route taken . 6) Speed travelled . 7) Start Mileage / End Mileage for each call / appointment . 9) Total daily / weekly / monthly miles travelled . 10) Fuel used . “Companies are looking for more ways to improve efficiency, reduce expenses and increase productiveness, to help them ride the recession”, said Spy-Tracker(TM) Selling Director, Alex Kafkarides.

“Improving the efficiency, cost and productiveness of field staff is an area that has been previously ignored, but now must be looked at seriously,” he added . “Staff-Tracker(TM) will help in all of these areas. We are able to help plan more direct routes to client site, reducing both fuel costs and travel time, we will check the length of time spent at each meeting – are call-out charges adequate for the call, or are you losing money, can you add additional calls / conferences each day, are you able to simply find the nearest Rep or Expert for any emergency or urgent call request?” . “The company can also see that their staff are using their time as efficiently as possible” he added . Staff-Tracker(TM) comes pre-configured and ready to be used out of the box. Monthly subscription includes 1,440 location updates each day. Twenty SOS / Location request SMS Texts to a cell phone, with a map location link, and the following reports that may be output to MS Excel.

. Spy-tracker also provides a considerable number of reports that may be run either daily, monthly or weekly, and these are included in the regular subs. These include :

  • Historic Info Report
  • Query Info by Speed
  • Park Report
  • Running Statement
  • Daily Info Stat.


  • Fuel Use Chart
  • Speed Chart
  • Vital Alarm Report
  • Mileage Report

Expansion In Mobile Banking To Come From Purchasers Who Intend To Purchase A Smartphone Or Tablet In The Next Six Months : Nokia phone.

A study of over 1,400 U.S. Buyers conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies found that 45 percent of US customers own a smartphone or tablet. Of that group, 52% now conduct some type of mobile banking. Nevertheless the genuine growth in the mobile banking market will come from people who don’t yet own smartphone or tablet.

The study shows 39% of the people that plan to buy a smartphone or tablet in the following half a year are very likely to use their smartphone or tablet for mobile banking. “I believe what we're seeing is that mobile banking among current smartphone owners has plateaued,” claims Jim Garrity, VP of Chadwick Martin Bailey’s Finance Services practice. For many it’s simply the convenience of having the ability to have accessibility to account information and transfer funds from anywhere. For others, security concerns outweigh any convenience mobile banking has to give. Qualitatively, 1 or 2 purchasers asserted : . “I always have my telephone with me and wish to look after things when I think about them I'll check on things more frequently and move cash around…” -Female, age 18-24 . That's mainly what I employ it for it helps me stay on track for budgeting.” -Male, age 25-29 . “If my phone gets missing I don't want that info to be easily accessed if my log-in info is saved it seems simple to access and find out my finance information.” Female, 25-29 . The study also signifies that consumers are becoming more happy with using smartphones to make purchases.

The research shows forty five percent of smartphone owners have made a purchase using their smartphone over the last year. And when it comes to paying up for those purchases only 49% use their credit card, while over forty percent used either an ATM card or PayPal. There were also some sex differences. Men are likely to use PayPal, while girls are much more likely to utilise a debit card. About This Research . This report was done as part of Chadwick Martin Bailey’s self-funded CMB Consumer Pulse program.

nokia pure view An executive summary report with extra findings from this research is available as a free download from Chadwick Martin Bailey. Data was collected from 1,461 adults (aged eighteen and over) thru a nationally representative electronic survey questionnaire within the U. S. by Chadwick Martin Bailey in May of 2011. Additionally, iModerate Research Technologies conducted online, one to one chats to more fully contextualize respondents’ thoughts and behaviours regarding mobile banking.

. Chadwick Martin Bailey is a Boston-based custom consumer analysis firm who works with a number of the most outstanding companies and well known brands in the world to help them obtain, maintain, and grow their consumer base. Set up in 1984 by John Martin and Anne Bailey Berman, the Corporation has company headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, serving clients in more than thirty states around the globe. Chadwick Martin Bailey is focused on using leading-edge research strategies to collect and translate the info into simple, business decision-focused deliverables. Our site . About iModerate Research Technologies . IModerate Research Technologies listens, connects and digs deeper with buyers online to supply the research story affiliations need to win in the market.

Years of research and development by vet field pros alongside rational consultants, produced the tenet, methodology and software that have permitted iModerate to help Fortune 500 companies, large and boutique research firms and distinguished associations reinforce their research results. Focused on providing customized qualitative solutions, iModerate is broadening online research capacities by delivering necessary qualitative insight. IModerate is based in Denver, Colorado. To get more info please visit our web web site.

The CouponQueen Goes Mobile With Smartphone Optimized Web Site – Nokia phone.

Susan Samtur, The Original Coupon Queen (R), has launched couponqueen a mobile version of her CouponQueen website. The new site, which was designed to help mobile users save money at the superstore and beyond, was formed in reaction to the growing use of mobile smartphones and similar devices. On the new optimized mobile site, users get unlimited access to local deals, digital corner store discounts, national discount and discount codes as well as other free savings tools like Susan’s Superstore Circular System.

The site is designed to load quickly on most 2g, 3g and 4g based iPhones, Android telephones, and Blackberry devices. “We noticed plenty of our users accessing our website from cellphones, so we thought it'd be a brilliant idea to provide a fast and easy way for smartphone users to access our free deals and savings tools,” claims Susan. “Anyone that has used a regular size website on a small mobile telephone screen knows how annoying it can be,” says Ben Salkin, an affiliate of CouponQueen “It's fantastic to have gigantic buttons and a layout that is easily read and navigate on my iPhone.” . On the mobile site, you can login to your existing account or create a newer one. If you should decide to become a free member of the site, you can watch educational videos and read educational articles from the Coupon Queen herself.

Susan Samtur, Coupon Queen You may access Susan’s Top one hundred freebie sites, select and order vouchers from Susan’s Select Coupon Programme, search thru various grocery store flyers, or read Susan’s Free Savings Guide. Users also have the choice to switch to the full web version with a single touch of the screen or can go to Susan’s Twitter or Facebook page. With this new mobile internet site, it is now increasingly simple to save while you are on the go. About Susan Samtur : . Susan Samtur is nationally recognised as the “Discount Queen” and has been helping buyers save cash at the checkout for over 30 years with her Refundle Bundle Mag. She's been featured on Regis Philbin, Oprah Winfrey, and Good Morning America and lots of other TV Shows and has written four books, Cashing in at the Checkout, Coupon Magic, The Supershopping System and her latest book, Supershop like the Discount Queen is in stores now. Contact : . Stephen Samtur, President . Coupon Queen Inc. 914-592-1647.

PODSTA Smartphone Holder Gives Users Freedom To View – Nokia phone.

Introducing PODSTA(TM), a new smartphone and media player stand that's as fun, flexible and expressive as you are. Introduced early on in the year in the United Kingdom where it reached instant acceptance, PODSTA is now available in North America through Madrona, Incorporated. And its subsidiary, Volo Products.

PODSTA is compatible with all generations of iPhone and iPod touch, and a range of other smartphones from Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and lots of others. PODSTA holds your device horizontally and vertically and works on both hard and soft surfaces from desks to settees to tray tables on trains, planes or buses ; giving folks hands-free use in virtually any location. nokia pure view PODSTA’s patent-pending Softgrip (TM) design made of post-consumer recycled foam makes it simple and snug to chat hands free by balancing your smartphone on your shoulder or just place it on your desk to permit hands-free listening or FaceTime video chatting. Widget reviewer, Harrison Hopton thehopster23 has the following to point out in his YouTube review from Contraption Show Live 2011 in the United Kingdom, “iPhone stands today are cool but frequently they're heavy and are only good in just landscape or simply portrait modes. But the PODSTA is good in both modes! It works alongside HTC, Blackberry, iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod touch and any other smartphone.” . Imagine the ways to use PODSTA :

  • Watch your fave movies or webcasts during your morning commute or next flight
  • Display maps and driving directions from the cup holder in your car
  • Prop it on the kitchen counter to reference recipes while cooking
  • Enjoy hands-free video-chat with friends and associates
  • “PODSTA was designed out of a real need for having something to hold my mobile.

    I also noticed my children had difficulty holding their telephones when watching pictures or playing games,” declared PODSTA designer and founder Stephen Lee Vickers. “PODSTA has been a big hit in the UK and we are excited about bringing it to the North American markets.” . “We love the unique charm, form and function of this straightforward but fun smartphone stand and we are excited to go into partnership with Podsta UK to bring it to the Northern US territory,” said Mitch Norton, Founder behind Madrona, Inc. “PODSTA is a great accessory for any smartphone owner and an absolute must have for summer and business travelers alike.” . PODSTA is available at our site for a suggested MSRP of $12.95 and is coming soon to retail shops in North America.

    Watch a PODSTA video at the site . Follow PODSTA on Twitter myPODSTA and on Facebook at the internet site. Distribution and retail partners can contact Steve Resch at Madrona Inc, the exclusive North American Licensee for Podsta Products, at 503-539-1836. PODSTA (TM) was designed in the UK, patent outstanding, and is a global trademark registered by Podsta UK. PODSTA is completely manufactured and distributed in Northern America by Madrona Inc. / Volo Products. Other product and company names mentioned herein might be the trademarks of their various owners.

    Click Consult Review Influence Of Smartphone Revolution In Online Marketing

    Click Consult’s review is to be conducted replying to a recent survey that indicated Smartphones are now outselling PC’s. The survey conducted by Gartner shows that, in quarter 4 of 2010, about a hundred million Smartphones were sold compared with 93.5 million PC’s. While Click Consult don't expect the increased Smartphone sales to be deleterious to the role of PC’s in normal web promoting, they do believe that it is worth being aware about the potential influence that Smartphone’s might have on the digital selling industry.

    Click Consult anticipate finding that more clients will want Smartphone use considered in their marketing strategy in order to justify the elevated sales. Click Consult have an in-house team dedicated to research and development, including the best methods to undertake mobile search optimization, whose role it is to guarantee their clients receive a service that takes the most recent Smartphone technology and use trends into account to maximize the results they can achieve. Click Consult will be publishing their review findings over the next few weeks on their internet promoting blog. “At Click Consult we suspect lots of our success can be imputed to our capability to anticipate trends in the market and adapt to them. We have prepared thoroughly for the increased Smartphone sales by making a mobile optimisation team to help guarantee our clients receive a service that reflects the latest advances and trends in Smartphone technology,” said Matt Bullas, M. D of Click Consult. “We do not believe that the Smartphone revolution will be exceedingly damaging to the role that PC’s have traditionally played in web marketing.