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Click Consult Review Influence Of Smartphone Revolution In Online Marketing

Click Consult’s review is to be conducted replying to a recent survey that indicated Smartphones are now outselling PC’s. The survey conducted by Gartner shows that, in quarter 4 of 2010, about a hundred million Smartphones were sold compared with 93.5 million PC’s. While Click Consult don't expect the increased Smartphone sales to be deleterious to the role of PC’s in normal web promoting, they do believe that it is worth being aware about the potential influence that Smartphone’s might have on the digital selling industry.

Click Consult anticipate finding that more clients will want Smartphone use considered in their marketing strategy in order to justify the elevated sales. Click Consult have an in-house team dedicated to research and development, including the best methods to undertake mobile search optimization, whose role it is to guarantee their clients receive a service that takes the most recent Smartphone technology and use trends into account to maximize the results they can achieve. Click Consult will be publishing their review findings over the next few weeks on their internet promoting blog. “At Click Consult we suspect lots of our success can be imputed to our capability to anticipate trends in the market and adapt to them. We have prepared thoroughly for the increased Smartphone sales by making a mobile optimisation team to help guarantee our clients receive a service that reflects the latest advances and trends in Smartphone technology,” said Matt Bullas, M. D of Click Consult. “We do not believe that the Smartphone revolution will be exceedingly damaging to the role that PC’s have traditionally played in web marketing.