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PODSTA Smartphone Holder Gives Users Freedom To View – Nokia phone.

Introducing PODSTA(TM), a new smartphone and media player stand that's as fun, flexible and expressive as you are. Introduced early on in the year in the United Kingdom where it reached instant acceptance, PODSTA is now available in North America through Madrona, Incorporated. And its subsidiary, Volo Products.

PODSTA is compatible with all generations of iPhone and iPod touch, and a range of other smartphones from Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and lots of others. PODSTA holds your device horizontally and vertically and works on both hard and soft surfaces from desks to settees to tray tables on trains, planes or buses ; giving folks hands-free use in virtually any location. nokia pure view PODSTA’s patent-pending Softgrip (TM) design made of post-consumer recycled foam makes it simple and snug to chat hands free by balancing your smartphone on your shoulder or just place it on your desk to permit hands-free listening or FaceTime video chatting. Widget reviewer, Harrison Hopton thehopster23 has the following to point out in his YouTube review from Contraption Show Live 2011 in the United Kingdom, “iPhone stands today are cool but frequently they're heavy and are only good in just landscape or simply portrait modes. But the PODSTA is good in both modes! It works alongside HTC, Blackberry, iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod touch and any other smartphone.” . Imagine the ways to use PODSTA :

  • Watch your fave movies or webcasts during your morning commute or next flight
  • Display maps and driving directions from the cup holder in your car
  • Prop it on the kitchen counter to reference recipes while cooking
  • Enjoy hands-free video-chat with friends and associates
  • “PODSTA was designed out of a real need for having something to hold my mobile.

    I also noticed my children had difficulty holding their telephones when watching pictures or playing games,” declared PODSTA designer and founder Stephen Lee Vickers. “PODSTA has been a big hit in the UK and we are excited about bringing it to the North American markets.” . “We love the unique charm, form and function of this straightforward but fun smartphone stand and we are excited to go into partnership with Podsta UK to bring it to the Northern US territory,” said Mitch Norton, Founder behind Madrona, Inc. “PODSTA is a great accessory for any smartphone owner and an absolute must have for summer and business travelers alike.” . PODSTA is available at our site for a suggested MSRP of $12.95 and is coming soon to retail shops in North America.

    Watch a PODSTA video at the site . Follow PODSTA on Twitter myPODSTA and on Facebook at the internet site. Distribution and retail partners can contact Steve Resch at Madrona Inc, the exclusive North American Licensee for Podsta Products, at 503-539-1836. PODSTA (TM) was designed in the UK, patent outstanding, and is a global trademark registered by Podsta UK. PODSTA is completely manufactured and distributed in Northern America by Madrona Inc. / Volo Products. Other product and company names mentioned herein might be the trademarks of their various owners.