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The CouponQueen Goes Mobile With Smartphone Optimized Web Site – Nokia phone.

Susan Samtur, The Original Coupon Queen (R), has launched couponqueen a mobile version of her CouponQueen website. The new site, which was designed to help mobile users save money at the superstore and beyond, was formed in reaction to the growing use of mobile smartphones and similar devices. On the new optimized mobile site, users get unlimited access to local deals, digital corner store discounts, national discount and discount codes as well as other free savings tools like Susan’s Superstore Circular System.

The site is designed to load quickly on most 2g, 3g and 4g based iPhones, Android telephones, and Blackberry devices. “We noticed plenty of our users accessing our website from cellphones, so we thought it'd be a brilliant idea to provide a fast and easy way for smartphone users to access our free deals and savings tools,” claims Susan. “Anyone that has used a regular size website on a small mobile telephone screen knows how annoying it can be,” says Ben Salkin, an affiliate of CouponQueen “It's fantastic to have gigantic buttons and a layout that is easily read and navigate on my iPhone.” . On the mobile site, you can login to your existing account or create a newer one. If you should decide to become a free member of the site, you can watch educational videos and read educational articles from the Coupon Queen herself.

Susan Samtur, Coupon Queen You may access Susan’s Top one hundred freebie sites, select and order vouchers from Susan’s Select Coupon Programme, search thru various grocery store flyers, or read Susan’s Free Savings Guide. Users also have the choice to switch to the full web version with a single touch of the screen or can go to Susan’s Twitter or Facebook page. With this new mobile internet site, it is now increasingly simple to save while you are on the go. About Susan Samtur : . Susan Samtur is nationally recognised as the “Discount Queen” and has been helping buyers save cash at the checkout for over 30 years with her Refundle Bundle Mag. She's been featured on Regis Philbin, Oprah Winfrey, and Good Morning America and lots of other TV Shows and has written four books, Cashing in at the Checkout, Coupon Magic, The Supershopping System and her latest book, Supershop like the Discount Queen is in stores now. Contact : . Stephen Samtur, President . Coupon Queen Inc. 914-592-1647.