Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

Nokia Pure View: whole lotta pixels!

The screen of the coming soon Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels!

Size might not matter, but when size is also smart it does matter, indeed! I mean, how would you like to capture the structure of an ice crystal in a casual photoshoot with your phone? Does it sound intriguing? Here we are talking about megapixels. The new smartphone from Finland, Nokia 808 Pure View, has 41 of them. Yep, you got it: 41 megapixels.

The well-schooled guys out there know, though, that resolution means nothing without lenses and overall quality of the camera. And here comes the smart of Nokia Pure View. Not only does Nokia partner with Carl Zeiss for its phones’ lenses, which is pretty impressive, anyway. It’s the whole sampling process.

The smart sampling of Nokia Pure View

What nokia pure view does is shrinking 7px sampling into one single pixel. This allowed the Finnish engineers to achieve stunning picture quality, incredible details, much depth and, most importantly, a very low noise level.

This amazing sampling technique allows you to zoom 4x without affecting the quality of the photo. You can also take videos at 1080p and zoom 3p in; and you can zoom up to 6x when filming at 720p. Nokia Pure View is also the first Nokia phone to record in high-definition, also supporting Dolby Digital Plus.

41 Megapixels and beyond

Talking about hardware, this new smartphone has a 1.3GHz single core chip and a ram of 512MB. Not much, compared to superpowerful quad-core smartphone these days. Still, this was a  by Nokia, that – unlike some of its fancier competitors – aimed at keeping things simple, without affecting the smooth and fast experience hand-on.

This minimalist outlook ensures the prices to be well under control when nokia pure view comes to the shelves in May 2012. The selling price is rumored to be around 450$, which, considering the multimedia assets of this phone, is a pretty intriguing deal.

The letdown

The letdown is that the phone will run on Symbian OS. As you might have heard, Nokia has already announced that by 2016 the production of Symbian phones will come to an end. This means not only that software updates will cease, but also that developers won’t spend much time in building apps for the Ovi store.

Given the ever growing importance other developers such as Apple and Google are putting into app marketplaces, the decision to run the nokia pure view on Symbian sounds somehow dumb.

Anyway recent reviews of the latest Symbian version, named Belle, all give it a thumb up. It is much faster and the look and feel has improved quite a lot. Hopefully Nokia Pure View won’t be much harmed by this choice by Nokia.

Are you ready to be stunned?

Whatever the OS, anyway, the multimedial experience of Nokia Pure View will surely be worth every single cent. Mobile camera lovers are advised.

If you really wanna say “ooh”, jump at minute 1:35 of the video below. You’ll be amazed, I promise.