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The Cell Phone And Mobile Phone Camera

Social marketing websites, private web sites, texting and the camera phone. What young person doesn't use any or all of these. I am going to make many individuals indignant with this next statement. I actually accept that all cell phones should get banned from school, with the sole exception of maybe during lunch. Why would I make such a statement? Let’s begin with the folks. The very first thing out of their mouth will be, how am I going to get in communication with my children in an emergency? My come back to that is the same way you did before the cellular telephone. Call the school, make them privy to the situation.

Then the college can give permission for the student to depart. For a student to leave the high school grounds without the faculties knowledge or authorization brings up so many Problems, not to mention the legal issues. The scholar leaves the high-school grounds. The other parent or maybe law enforcement calls the college. Now the school has no awareness of the where the student could be. On the way home the coed gets a participant in an accident.

You do not even need to become involved in this legal crag mire. Another story and this is occurring today in more faculties than you wish to know about. Ask your kids about this. Today is test day. One buddy takes the test first. The other friend is somewhere personal. The test taker texts the friend asking for a reply to a question, the friend texts the answer . How fair is this to the remainder of the scholar body or even to the two friends? One might say why was the teacher not more observant? I say why should the teacher be trying to find this type of cheating or better yet why should the teacher even be concerned about cheating? Now for the best, the camera telephone.

This is in my view, one of the most dangerous items in the hands of scholars and anybody willing to comprise themselves or any other person. For who knows what reason 2 students become angry with each other. Gym class, one student takes one or two photographs. A My Space site is formed. The footage are loaded to this site together with a few choice words.

Now the rep of this one student is forever damaged. This is what's known as cyber bullying. “Once online always on the internet”. Here is another and rather frightful example and it's going down today. A girl takes one or two photos of herself, nude or partly naked. She sends them to her boyfriend. He likes it. They breakup and somehow the photographs appear on the internet.

Maybe a student happens to get into a compromising situation, say because of alcohol. Someone takes 1 or 2 photos and puts them online. Reputations are ruined, not to mention the undeniable fact that these scholars are now part of the legal system.

It is unlawful to possess or distribute sexually candid photos of minors. Technology is great. It could also be dangerous to your safety and security. You as the parent have the duty and the responsibility to guard your children. Make it known to your youngsters that you will be monitoring their networking web sites and their PC use. They might think this spying, who owns the house? Respect goes all ways.