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Spy-Tracker(TM) Adds Smartphone Real-time Tracking Access To Leading GPS, Personal & Staff Tracking Service | Nokia pure view.

Spy-Tracker(TM) Adds Smartphone Real-time Tracking Access to Leading GPS, Private & Staff Tracking Service . Buntingford, UK, June 28th, 2011 . Personal & Staff GPS Location & Tracking company, Spy-Tracker(TM) reported today the addition of smartphone tracking support on their market leading Global Tracking Services, Spy-Tracker(TM) & Staff-Tracker(TM). “By utilizing the browser on any smartphone, you are now able to track the location movements of the carrier, in just about real time, anywhere internationally, where there's suitable GPS access” claimed Spy-Tracker Promoting Director, Alex Kafkarides. “Being able to find your youngsters or aged family, and be certain of their safety – wherever you are, will give comfort to several people” he said. For locating and monitoring family members like kids teenagers on trips, or old kin, Spy-Tracker(TM) can find them in a moment, and send you an alarm if they press the emergency button, or if they have left their safety zone – perhaps their school, their street, city or even the party they are attending – as long as they have the tracker with them, you may know where they are . Spy-Tracker(TM) is sufficiently small to fit into a college bag or possibly even a pocket.

It will tell you if your kids have left the safeness of their college or the home of a mate. The emergency button is also terribly handy for elderly folks have left the safeness of their home and need insistent help. Spy-tracker will send you their location immediately, and you can then track their movements utilising the new smartphone app. Spy-Tracker is may also be used for the location & time-management of all field staff. It is a little & light Global tracking system, that can be carried in the pocket, attached to a belt or in a briefcase or toolchest. It sends a location update every 1 minute and has a battery charge lifespan of 3-5 days with normal use. Staff-Tracker will monitor the movements of field personnel, including : . 1) Start address / Location . 2) Destination address / location . 3) Journey start time / Journey End Time . 4) Miles travelled to each meeting . 5) Route taken . 6) Speed travelled . 7) Start Mileage / End Mileage for each call / appointment . 9) Total daily / weekly / monthly miles travelled . 10) Fuel used . “Companies are looking for more ways to improve efficiency, reduce expenses and increase productiveness, to help them ride the recession”, said Spy-Tracker(TM) Selling Director, Alex Kafkarides.

“Improving the efficiency, cost and productiveness of field staff is an area that has been previously ignored, but now must be looked at seriously,” he added . “Staff-Tracker(TM) will help in all of these areas. We are able to help plan more direct routes to client site, reducing both fuel costs and travel time, we will check the length of time spent at each meeting – are call-out charges adequate for the call, or are you losing money, can you add additional calls / conferences each day, are you able to simply find the nearest Rep or Expert for any emergency or urgent call request?” . “The company can also see that their staff are using their time as efficiently as possible” he added . Staff-Tracker(TM) comes pre-configured and ready to be used out of the box. Monthly subscription includes 1,440 location updates each day. Twenty SOS / Location request SMS Texts to a cell phone, with a map location link, and the following reports that may be output to MS Excel.

. Spy-tracker also provides a considerable number of reports that may be run either daily, monthly or weekly, and these are included in the regular subs. These include :

  • Historic Info Report
  • Query Info by Speed
  • Park Report
  • Running Statement
  • Daily Info Stat.


  • Fuel Use Chart
  • Speed Chart
  • Vital Alarm Report
  • Mileage Report