Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

New For Android Smartphones : Smart WiFi – Save Battery Power By Managing WiFi Connectivity Efficiently

The WiFi function on a smartphone is besides being a unmissable feature, also one of the features that consumes the most battery power. When not connected to a WiFi hotspot the phone keeps looking for a suitable network to attach to, using nonessential battery power. Thanks to Smart WiFi, Android(TM) users now have the choice to preserve battery power by effectively handling their WiFi connectivity. Already a massive success for BlackBerryreg ; Smartphones, this application is now also available for Android(TM) Smartphones. Smart WiFi leverages from the Android(TM) always being hooked up to the network carrier.

Because WiFi is one of the largest shoppers of battery power when hunting for WiFi networks this has an amazing effect on your battery life-span. By remembering cell tower information, Smart WiFi uncovers when a hotspot area (e.g. Office or home) is left and WiFi is turned off immediately.

Settings, Splashscreen and Hotspots List in Smart WiFi By doing this, this saves lots of battery power. Everytime a hotspot area is entered again, Smart WiFi instantly switches the WiFi function back on, permitting the user to use WiFi as normal. Smart WiFi for Android(TM) Smartphones is available for $1.99 on Android Market for all Smartphones running Android 2.1 or higher : our website . About S4BB Limited : . S4BB Limited is a Hong Kong-based company, focusing on the development of mobile applications. It provides software for the world-wide mobile market, for example games, productivity applications, administration tools, mobile communication products along with desktop applications for preparing data for your mobile device. S4BB Limited.

Take Photograph Strips On-The-Go With Photograph Booth – Brand New And Unique For BlackBerry(TM) Smartphones

Any person often taking footage with his or her BlackBerryreg ; Smartphone knows that it takes some patience to shoot a good photograph. When photographing a landscape, no problem. But when making an attempt to capture action in the heath of the instant, patience can be scarce. Photo Booth solves this problem . S4BB Limited, nominee at the Worldwide Mobile App Awards 2011, developed a new, fun photography app ; “Photograph Booth”. This unique application is the mobile alternative of the well-known photographic booth one can find local malls ; this one’s lightweight, available whenever and wherever.

All that's required is to hold the telephone still and make an amusing face, the application does the rest ; targeting, determining whether a flash is needed and then shooting the photo. The photos are then saved in strips of four. In the studio, users can either view the entire strip, or zoom in to one picture.

This involves the new BlackBerryreg ; Torch(TM) 9800, BlackBerryreg ; Bold(TM) 9780, BlackBerryreg ; Style(TM) 9670, BlackBerryreg ; Storm2(TM), BlackBerryreg ; Curve(TM) 3G 9300, 9330. As an introduction offer Photographic Booth is presently available on BlackBerryreg ; App World and Mobihand with a discount of 40 percent, lowering the cost to only $2.99. For further info about Photo Booth, visit our internet site . About S4BB Limited : . S4BB Limited is a Hong Kong-based company, focusing on the development of mobile applications. Its market-leading BlackBerryreg ; products cover just about every aspect of what's possible on a portable gadget. It provides software for the world-wide mobile market, for example games, productivity applications, administration tools, mobile communication products, as well as desktop applications for preparing data for your portable device.

Nokia 808 Pure View now available in more online stores with …

Nokia Pure View is also the initial Nokia pho First look: Nokia 808 Pure View

By Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi, April 11, 2012 The 41 megapixel smartphone from Nokio feature Pure View technology and it has a heavy price tag too. Nokia had announced the launch of its 41 megapixel
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The Mobile Indian

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Nokia

Nokia caused a stir at the recent Mobile World Congress where it unveiled a phone with a 41-megapixel camera. Although that device, the Pure View 808, is only on its unlovropped heavy hints that a Windows Phone
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Nokia 808 Pure View Price and Specification | FreeiTech

Price of Nokia 808 is 56000/-. Nokia 808 is the Smartphone with 41 Mega pixel camera from…/nokia-808-pure-view-price-and-specific…

Nokia 808 Pure View now available in more online stores with …

Nokia 808 Pure View is just a few weeks now from the retail stores. In the mean time, it is available in many online stores at 'different' prices. Now Available atref=”” title=””>…

ne to record in hi-def, additionally supporting Dolby Digital Plus.
Talking about components, this new mobile phone consists of a 1.3GHz single central processor along with a ram of 512MB. Very little, when compared to superpowerful quad-core smart-phones lately.
Yet, this happened smart by Nokia, that – in contrast to a bit of its fancier competitors – geared toward keeping things uncomplicated, without impacting the sleek and sudden feeling hand-on.

Paradigm Sample(TM) Launches Consumer Research Field’s First Full-Featured Smartphone App


Framework Sample(TM) continues its placement as a leading innovator in mobile capacities for the purchaser research industry with its arrival of an application for smartphones that permits panel participators to go through the complete panel experience thru the iPhone. Previously, the industry standard was PC-driven with a web portal. The company developed its new iPhone app for IdeaShifters(TM), its custom panel of tough to reach, yet highly coveted buyers in the18-34 demographic who are specifically inducted from across the U.S. For their receptivity to and usage of portable devices. . Rather than depending on more intrusive e-mail communications, an icon pops up on their iPhones to point out a questionnaire when panelists go to a specific retail location, for example a corner store.

As well as the ability to receive and complete local, criteria-specific surveys on their iPhones, panelists also can view their account status and relevant motivations for participation, and redeem points. Further, should panelists record negative comments about their shopping experiences, store managers will receive fast notification so they can remedy the situation and minimize the potential impact of social media. “As these consumers are already happy to mobile technology, it is simpler and more effective to engage them with the iPhone app, and it buttresss the immediacy of the mobile platform for data collection,” asserted Sima Vasa, Manager of Model Sample(TM). “Accordingly, we collect richer info in real time that our customers can use for such key business issues as trail to buy customer satisfaction and new product launches inside test markets.” . The iPhone app, which should be available at Apple’s online App Store by the end of July, is the 1st step in Framework Sample’s(TM) mobile application map. Forthcoming over the next few months will be a program for the Android platform with at minimum the same functionality as well as expanded capacities in the iPhone app to address client’s information needs . For full info, please contact Sima Vasa at sima (at) paradigmsample (dot) com or call 877-277-8009 ext one hundred.

About Model Sample(TM) . Model Sample(TM), a leading edge world sample company based in Port Washington, NY, uses a consultative approach with clients to meet their end-to-end sample wants. The company specializes in hard-to-reach audiences and leads the purchaser research industry in online and mobile panels. They are driving mobile panel development and info collection invention with MobilePulse(TM), their real- time info collection capability. Model Sample(TM) has sustained double-digit quarter- over-quarter growth since its inception in early 2009.

Accorhotels Steps Up Enlargement On The Web Mobile Channel With 2 New Smartphone Applications

Accorhotels applications have been introduced for two smartphones : BlackBerry and Samsung. They join the present services devoted to the mobile and especially the iPhone application launched more than a year back. Users of Blackberry and Samsung Bada smartphones will have a dedicated application, providing access to over three thousand hostels around the globe that operate under the Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, SuiteNovotel, Mercure, Adagio, ibis, all seasons, Etap Hotel, Formule one et hotelF1 brands. Intuitive and accurate, these Accorhotels applications will include functions that allow users to conduct searches according to predefined criteria like, geolocalization and current date and also refine their search depending, for example, on preferred brands or number of youngsters and further functionalities. A function that memorizes search preferences also aids in saving valuable time when booking while moving around. Member of Accor’s AClub loyalty program could also enter their card number and earn points every time they book from their smartphone.

As well as providing a showcase, smartphones also create added worth for the Accorhotels portal, that has been adapted to meet new customer wants with a bold target of euro;20 million has been set for 2011. Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, is present in ninety countries with 4,200 hostels and more than 500,000 rooms. From hostels in Manchester to hostels in Southampton, Accor hotels can be discovered throughout England and the UK . Accor’s broad portfolio of hotel brands – Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, Adagio, ibis, all seasons, Etap Hotel, Formule one, hotelF1 and Motel six, and its related activities, Thalassa sea & spa and Len244;tre – provide an extensive offer from luxury to budget. With 145,000 employees internationally the Group offers to its clients and partners virtually forty five years of know-how and experience.

Smartphone Survey Reveals Over Half Say Their Smartphone Is Their Life ; Majority Make Use Of All Functions Of Their Devices

As mobile technology continues to develop, a significant percentage of smartphone users are totally integrating their devices into all parts of their daily lives. According to a smartphone survey conducted by Thrive Mobile Insights(TM) among smartphone users on their devices, 52.9% say they use all of the functions of their smartphones-it’s their life. 30.4% say they use the standard functions of their smartphones plus some applications and 16.7% only use their smartphones for calling, texting and emailing.

. With all the unique features of smartphones, texting (21.6%), Net (16.7%) and e-mail (15.7%) are the top functions smartphone users say they cannot exist without. Calling features (7.8%), GPS (6.9%) and Facebook (5.9%) are also must haves to some. With advanced technology nevertheless, comes new concerns, and the top privacy issue among smartphone users is location tracking, followed swiftly by unapproved access to private information : . Top Privacy / Security Concerns Among Smartphone Users . Location being tracked : 35.3% . Somebody accessing personal information : 31.4% . Someone accessing monetary information : 21.6% . Online behaviour being tracked : 11.8% . Source : Flourish Mobile Insights(TM) Smartphone Survey, May-11.

Despite these concerns, 55.9% of smartphone users say they like using their smartphone to access the Internet over using a PC (35.3% wish to utilise a computer while 8.8% aren't sure). Good news for shops : The vast majority of smartphone users (81.4%) say they use their smartphone to peruse for products. 77.5% use their smartphone to find stores or look for store hours. Reading reviews and researching express products are also top smartphone activities, and half say they have made a purchase via their smartphone device : . Smartphone Shopping Behaviors : . Scanning or looking out for a product / service : 81.4% . Locating a store or store hours : 77.5% . Reading buyer reviews : 57.8% . Researching categorical products : 57.8% . Receiving texts with special offers : 53.9% . Making a purchase : 50.0% . Scanning a QR code : 34.3% . Writing a client review : 20.6% . Not one of the above : 5.9% . Source : Prosper Mobile Insights(TM) Smartphone Survey, May-11 . “Consumers are integrating portable devices into all sides of their daily lives-including shopping.

Smartphone users were also asked to weigh in on their smartphone survey taking experience. It would appear as though smartphone users overall like taking short, fun surveys on their mobile gadgets : . Highlights of Word for word Replies :

  • “It was easy and the same or better than on the computer.”
  • “Having the ability to take surveys using my telephone makes me more certain to really take and complete them! I’d do more if surveys would be compatible with my phone.”
  • “I like my smartphone and don't mind telling others about my phone and all the apps.”
  • “Enjoy using my smartphone for everything. Would really love to be able to do [more] moving forward.”
  • “I love the chance to take these on my smartphone!”

Survey Sampling World (SSI) . Survey Sampling Global (surveysampling) is the premier worldwide provider of sampling solutions for survey research. SSI reaches respondents in 72 nations through Net, telefone and mobile / wireless.

SSI serves more than 2,000 clients, including 48 of the top 50 research associations. Set up in 1977, SSI has 17 offices in fifteen countries.

Devices Aren’t Dead : 36 P.c Of Smartphone Owners Say Programmes Don’t Satisfy Their Needs

Abalta, a leading developer of location-based software solutions, today released a white paper titled Dedicated Devices Are not Dead – Exploring the Clamor for Apps versus. Hardware. The paper disagrees that while today’s “app culture” has certainly interrupted several technologies, the mobile electronics market is showing signs of resistance to being fully cannibalized by smartphones. Among other observations, the study shows that 36 p.c of smartphone owners still like dedicated devices that supply a better experience. “It is vital that we remind ourselves that the consumer market is not homogeneous,” said Michael O’Shea, president of Abalta Technologies, “While it’s simple to accept that a disruptive technology, like smartphones, will speedily cannibalize incumbent solutions, there’s powerful proof to show that both programmes and devices can live harmoniously in the market given customer desires and perceptions.” . The Abalta white paper presents a well balanced view of the debate highlighting areas of both convergence and diverging, and is backed by an Abalta-commissioned study that presents a real customer point-of-view.

Given the fondness for mobile sport and fitness devices and applications in the market, Abalta chose to focus the study on two distinct segments of the people – golfers and runners who also own a smartphones. The study provides details into the preferences of these segments while also presenting bigger insights into the drivers of these purchases. Key highlights from the study and white paper :

  • Divergence Exists : 36 percent of smartphone owners are rejecting convergence. Momentarily said this suggests a certain wedge of purchaser still wants separate mobile electronic devices that may offer a better experience than smartphones and programmes can provide.


  • Story of Convenience versus. Quality : Apropos purchase drivers, an irregularity exists between those who prefer apps vs those that like devices. The tale is one of convenience over quality. The top reasons for purchasing programmes are convenience and straightforwardness of purchase while quality and precision are noted as the top reasons for dedicated devices.
  • Saturation or Cannibalization? : Proof in the market,eg Garmin’s financials, show that declines in some electronics segments, for example lightweight navigation devices, could be a result of saturation vs app cannibalization. Powerful growth in Garmin’s Outdoor and Fitness business units contradicts the exponential growth of smartphones and app downloads.


The white paper “Dedicated Devices Aren’t Dead – Exploring the Requirement for Programs vs . Hardware” can be downloaded at abaltatech in our “Insights” section or directly at our Internet site offerte internet Methodological Notes . Abalta’s figures are based totally on an internet survey conducted in April 2011 by Survey Analysing among 244 smartphone users in the United States. . ABOUT ABALTA . Abalta is a leading developer of location-based software solutions. From dedicated GPS devices to consumer smartphone applications to connected automobile systems, the Corporation has supported a large range of clients in delivering inventive and engaging experiences to their end-customers.

Abalta has helped firms grow in their respective fields with a deep perception of the market mixed with an unequaled technical ability in software and systems in our domain. Spanning eight years, Abalta has launched over 150 individual programs for fifty different consumer brands worldwide. For full info, come visit abaltatech or follow us on Twitter abaltatech.

Wirefly To Sell Revolution By LG Smartphone Beginning May 26

Beginning today, May twenty-six, customers can order their own Revolution online internet site – and at a special Wirefly price . Speed, power and productiveness outline the Revolution by LG. Netflix customer can even stream flicks on their Revolution in real time utilising the pre loaded Netflix app. And with Bing integrated search capacities, users will also have less complicated access to context-relevant search results to boost their mobile experience, including maps, directions, traffic information, information on local enterprises, movie theaters and showtimes, gas costs, and weather. Other exciting features include :

  • Enormous 4.3″ capacitive touch screen
  • 16GB pre-installed microSD(TM) card with capacity for at least 32GB
  • HDMI and DLNA support
  • 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard featuring SWYPE technology for fast and simple typing of messages and e-mails
  • Customers aiming to purchase the Revolution by LG and all of the useful accessories that go with it can shop from the ease of their home or office by simply visiting our net web site With only one or two mouse button clicks, they can efficiently order and turn on their very own Revolution smartphone. And as an element of the firm's brand promise of bigger savings and simple pricing with no contrivances or deductions, consumers can shop knowing that they are going to get their new phone at a very special Wirefly cost.

    To find out more about Wirefly or to buy the Revolution by LG, please visit our Internet site To watch Wirefly’s video demonstration and review of the Revolution by LG, visit our website . About Wirefly . Owned and managed by Simplexity, the internet website is the Internet’s 1 licensed dealer for the top cellular carriers in the U.S. Our internet site also offers kickbacks and services not available in retail wireless stores including a better selection of the newest cell phones, bigger savings, straightforward pricing with no rebates, and fast, free FedEx shipping with free returns on devices from HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry and many other cell phone handset manufacturers. Our net site has been named “Best of the Web” by Forbes mag and “Best in Overall Consumer Experience” by Keynote Performance Systems. For more details about Wirefly’s wireless products and services, visit the internet web site. Shopping from a web-enabled cell phone? Wirefly’s mobile-optimized internet site, our net site permits customers to efficiently explore its extensive catalogue of mobile phones and receive unbiased info from any web-enabled cellular telephone, without reference to operating software. With Wirefly Mobile, visitors can shop and compare telephones and pricing by manufacturer, carrier or rate plan while on a tight schedule.

Smartphones' Rise Spurs New Growth in Mobile Music, But Payment Might Be A Problem

According to a new report from The NPD Group, a leading consumer analysis company, a smooth increase in smartphone purchases, combined with the growing options for mobile music, helped fuel a rise in the quantity of active mobile-music clients by nearly nine million in 2010. Year- over-year mobile music listening increased from 12 % of U.S. Web users in 2009 to seventeen percent in 2010. In fact the ability to stream, download, or hear music is the second most-used application for Apple iPhones and Android phones, behind downloading applications and before sending photos. . “The introduction of the iPod heralded the recent wave of mobile music, but the next generation is spurred by increased smartphone penetration and numerous services offering mobile access to music,” said Russ Crupnick, entertaining sector analyst for NPD. “The quantity of mobile music users is not only growing, but may also include more ladies and older listeners — outside the avid, young, and typically male first adopters – and that means more chances to market a greater diversity of music to more fans of all ages.” . Payment May Be A Challenge . While many people question whether access to music is on a par with ownership, according to NPD's “Mobile Music Report,” more clients are now placing their own music collections on their telephones than are using Pandora and other mobile radio platforms, which is aided by the ease of adding music to iPhones.

Among those using Net radio or music-on-demand options, the overpowering majority are exploiting free or ad-supported options to get their music, but the probability of them ever paying up for it is low. 8 out of 10 consumers claim that what they get for free is good enough, so they haven't any need to upgrade from a free version of these programs. Few purchasers are ready to pay more for the ability to access their music when they're out of range of their carriers' service.

“More than half of mobile music listeners now like to listen to their own music, and most like free music to paying for it,”Crupnick announced. “That is a challenge for paid services to make and offer the most incremental value, which may be scornful for corporations looking to bolster the ad-supported model.” . Info note : Information in this promotional release sprung from an online survey fielded to U.S. Purchasers. About The NPD Group, Incorporated. The NPD Group is the premium supplier of trustworthy and all-inclusive buyer and retail information for a good range of industries. Today, more than 1,800 makers, shops, and service companies depend on NPD to help them drive urgent business calls at the worldwide countrywide, and local marketplace levels.

NPD helps our clients to spot new business opportunities and guide product development, promoting, sales, merchandising, and other functions. Info is available for the following industry sectors : auto, beauty, commercial technology, buyer technology, entertainment, fashion, food and drink, foodservice, home, office supplies, software, sports, toys, and wireless. For more information, contact us, visit or follow us on Twitter : npdgroup.

Motorola ATRIX – The World's Most Powerful Smartphone Now Available Totally On Orange

As Motorola’s exclusive UK launch partner, Orange has announced pricing and availability for Motorola ATRIX – the world's strongest smartphone. Predicted to be one of the biggest device releases in 2011, the Motorola ATRIX mobile phone is the true apex of mobile computing. The handset features a twin core processor, with each core running at one GHz and delivering up to 2 GHz of processing power.

As a result, Motorola ATRIX is actually capable of opening web pages twice as speedily as most other smartphones, and it has been designed to become a user’s primary digital center to make and edit media content on a busy schedule. It also features a biometric fingerprint reader for simply unlocking the cell-phone. Running the Android operating system, Motorola ATRIX also offers Motorola’s revolutionary webtop application which runs a full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser and supports Adobereg ; Flashreg ; Player for rich graphics, animation and video, giving you mobile broadband on the go. To support the gizmo Motorola has developed two companion accessory docks for purchase separately :

  • The Motorola Lapdock(TM), which has an incredibly thin design with an 11.6-inch screen, 36Wh three-cell battery that delivers up to eight hours of battery life, full keyboard, stereo speakers, and weighs just 1.1 kilograms.

    A unique price plan is also being introduced which includes free tethering** allowing consumers to attach to the internet on the go utilising the Motorola ATRIX – the new Panther Additional sixty plan*** also may include three thousand minutes, 1GB data allowance, unlimited texts and unlimited wi-fi (subject to fair usage) every month. Motorola Atrix mobile phone on Orange Business clients can also get Motorola ATRIX and the Motorola Lapdock bundle free on Solo fifty five and existing customers will get a good deal when re-signing with Motorola ATRIX. Simeon Bird, Director of Offers, Orange UK said : “We're happy to be bringing Motorola ATRIX to our consumers as it's one of the most inventive handsets we have seen this year and it supports our passion for innovation. With its intelligent support accessories, the handset not only stands out from the rest of the pack, but the overall experience takes mobile computing to the subsequent level.” . Andrew Morley, VP selling, international markets, Motorola Mobility announced : “The prize-winning Motorola ATRIX ushers in a new time in mobile computing.

    For full info on Motorola ATRIX, accessories, and to register interest in the device, go to the site or to reserve a handset, please visit Orange retail shops or call Orange telemarketing. Please contact the Orange press office regarding product photography and review units . *250mb tethering info . **Available in Orange shops now . About Orange UK . Orange is the key type of the France Telecoms Group, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators.

    With nearly 131 million clients, the Orange brand now covers Internet, television and mobile services in lots of states where the Group operates. Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK’s biggest communications company, with a mixed buyer base of almost twenty-eight million folks and more than 720 retail stores across the country.