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Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

Never Lose Your Kid Again — Garmin GTU 10 Smartphone Tracking

There are numerous things to keep an eye on in the modern-day world – aging folks, kids, company vehicles, pets and more . This device uses satellites, together with the AT&T wireless net, to trace objects and relay messages to a smartphone that can afterwards find the device, with whatever is attached to it. “The number of applications for this technology is only restrained by the imagination,” asserted Rusty Squire, president of the Heart Rate Watch Company, a countrywide online retailer. Squire continues, “You can track youngsters or ageing elders, and receive text alerts straight over the AT&T wireless network.” . The particular Garmin GTU ten device is a transmitter, so unlike GPS watches for fitness, like the Garmin Forerunner 610 that only works as a receiver, these devices send location coordinates up to a satellite.

The satellites then send a signal to the AT&T wireless net which sends a text update to your smartphone. This polygon type of boundary is more helpful because blocks and areas are usually set up in a grid, implying this device can use streets and blocks as border lines. “For companies wanting to track vehicle fleets, baby boomers wishing to track aging folks, and young families wishing to keep a watchful eye on the children, this device has value,” announces Squire. He continues, “Imagine being warned when your child rambles off from a school field trip so that you can interrupt before anything happens”. Each day you need to use up to 10 points of daily track history and your standard tracking can be renewed at a yearly rate of $49.99 after the first year of complimentary service.

For those that need a more detailed history, the Luxury Tracking service plan ($4.99 each month) can access seven days of track history. Each service plan includes the choice to mechanically renew on expiration and there are no early termination costs, no activation charges and no contracts. Final THOUGHTS . Dick Tracy, the hi-tech cartoon character of the 1960’s, would have wanted one of these things to go with his radio watch.

While the present limitations are the AT&T network in the domestic United States, which covers most everywhere, we are able to foresee Garmin moving to expand that network to one of more global scale in the years ahead.

Wirefly Launches Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO, The Ultimate In Smartphone Protection

Last year, Wirefly the Internet’s leading allowed retailer of cellular phones and cell-phone plans, introduced Wirefly Mobile Backup, a free service that can permit smartphone users to back up and transfer their contacts, photographs, and more –regardless of carrier or manufacturer. Today, Wirefly says the launching of Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO, our net site a boosted version of its original back up service with a set of additional features for those looking for the final word in security, protection, and control. Customers to the PRO versions have the power to lock, display alert messages, sound an alarm, use GPS location, and erase info from their telephone — using any personal computer connected to the internet anyplace worldwide. The service works on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android-powered smartphones and across all major U.S. “We have all experienced that moment of total panic when we can’t find our phones as we are becoming so dependent on our devices and their contents,” said Andy Zeinfeld, CEO of Simplexity, Wirefly’s holding corporation. “With Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO, customers can now remotely sound a phone’s alarm, lock the device, track its location and even erase delicate information before it gets into the incorrect hands. What’s more, since the service immediately backs up contacts, pictures and more, purchasers can easily transfer their stored info to a replacement device.” . Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO provides multiple layers of security for your phone.

It includes all the great features available for free with Wirefly Mobile Backup, and additional storage and uncontrolled access to 5 advanced features that may provide reassurance, including : . Last Known Location : View the rough position of your registered phone (s) on a combined map utilising the phone’s in-built GPS. Lock / Unlock Telephone : Remotely lock your phone to stop unauthorized use and protect your private information. . Display Message : Send a message to your lost telephone that locks and displays a message requesting that the good Samaritan holding your phone contact you to return it. Set Phone Alarm : Lock your telephone and then send a loud, audible alert straight from the phone to right away pin down its location.

Erase Telephone : Remotely erase your phone’s content. Since Wirefly Mobile Backup already backs up your contacts, stills, and more, you can simply transfer your stored information to your replacement device in seconds. More Storage : Guarantee your whole music catalogue, videos, contacts, and calendar. “We're consistently looking for methods to boost the consumer’s mobile lifestyle,” continued Zeinfeld. “The Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO service is the perfect addition to our product offerings. PRICE . Wirefly offers 2 convenient pricing options built to meet the needs of purchasers from the individual user to a family of 5. Individual : For $2.99 every month, consumers receive uncontrolled access to all 5 Wirefly Mobile PRO features along with ten gigabytes of storage to back up and manage their information from one telephone and one Computer.

Family : For clients who need more storage or the facility to control more than one phone, Wirefly offers a family plan for only $3 more that includes all 5 Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO features, plus unlimited storage for 5 telephones and one P.C. As an extra bonus, Wirefly is offering the 1st month of its new PRO subscription service FREE. “We feel strongly that the easiest way to evaluate this service is to try it,” said Zeinfeld. “At Wirefly, we stand behind everything we sell and this service isn't different. If you're not satisfied, we are not satisfied.” . To get started, simply visit the Internet site push the Do More with Your Telephone tab and select ‘Protect’. Join up to the basic Wirefly Mobile Backup service and upgrade your account utilizing the promotion code WMBPRO to exploit the thirty day free trial of the PRO version.

About Wirefly . Our Internet internet site is America’s trusted source for cell phones and wireless service plans. Controlled and run by Simplexity, our site is the Internet’s 1 sanctioned dealer for the top cellular carriers in the U.S. The site also offers kickbacks and services not available in retail wireless stores including a better choice of the most recent cell telephones, larger savings, easy pricing with no rebates, and fast, free FedEx shipping with free returns on devices from HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry and many other cell telephone handset manufacturers.

Our net website has been named “Best of the Web” by Forbes mag and “Best in Overall Shopper Experience” by Keynote Performance Systems. For full information about Wirefly’s wireless products and its services, come to the site Shopping from a web-enabled cell phone? Wirefly’s mobile-optimized website, the web site permits patrons to efficiently explore its intensive catalogue of cellular telephones and receive unbiased info from any web-enabled cell phone, regardless of system software. With Wirefly Mobile, visitors can shop and compare telephones and pricing by manufacturer, carrier or rate plan while on the go.

Onset Technology Launches New Smartphone App For Paging & Concern Mobile Messaging

Onset Technology, a big supplier of Mobile Messaging Management solutions presented the launching of OnPage(TM) – a paging and concern messaging application for iPhonereg ; and BlackBerryreg ; Smartphones. OnPage uses a disruptive technology in the paging and priority mobile messaging space. OnPage is a very trustworthy worldwide service with all of the available redundancies to be certain that all messages reach their intended destinations. It is the only hosted Smartphone paging service available, enabling users to download the application straight to their mobile gadgets and start to use it instantly with no further load on IT. OnPage is the next generation paging technology, mixing the simplicity of use and high utility of Smartphones with the reliability of a hosted paging service. It makes traditional paging devices outdated. “With OnPage priority messaging, the vital messages Rise up above the Clutter(TM)” recounted Judit Sharon, MANAGER of Onset Technology, “steadily warning you until you recognize the message.

It is good for busy executives who can't afford to miss important messages, medical care providers looking to consolidate devices instead of carry a Smartphone and a pager, and first responders who want instant and trusty alerts”. . For detailed info visit OnPage at the web web site . About Onset Technology (onsettechnology) . Onset Technology is a provider of Mobile Messaging Management solutions, enabling organizations to leverage their mobile placement to ensure communication continuity in emergency scenarios when everything else fails.

Extra Onset solutions include Concern Mobile Messaging and Smartphone Paging, augmenting the potency and price of corporate mobile communication resources. Onset’s solutions are employed by leading organizations in the finance, legal, and health care sectors as well as by major federal and local governmental agencies. Set up in 1997, Onset Technology is backed by venture capital firms in the U.S and in Israel.

The company is based in Waltham, Massachusetts with sales and support offices in California and Washington DC, and a R&D center in Israel.

New features on and Nokia Maps Suite for Symbian

Nokia PureView 808 Hands-on Video | Symbian Developers Blog

March 29, 2012 in Nokia 808 Pure View, Nokia Pure View. Evolution of nokia camera phones

Nokia Lumia 900 (black, AT&T)

Bold as an exclamation mark, the Lumia 900 has pure pop-art coursing through its electrical veins. This is the classiest "Smurf" phone you're ever going to see</ so eye-catching? Even without the electric blue version that
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New features on and Nokia Maps Suite for Symbian

GLOBAL – Some digital navigation is like a paper map in digital form, but not That's why we have been building many interesting features like 3D maps, heat ure functional needs and help you get the
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Its minimalist outlook makes certain of the costs to get well in check when Nokia Pure View comes to the stores in May 2012. The purchase price price is rumored to become around 450$, which, considering the multimedia attributes of this phone, is regarded as a pretty stimulating bargain.

IPinion Asserts Web App For Smartphone Market Research Surveys

IPinion, LLC confirms the beta release of its mobile Web App version of the company's preferred iPinion local smartphone survey application. Emulating the wealthy user experience of its native app, iPinion’s mobile Web platform is perfectly suited for random sampling as well as panels giving analysts unparalleled adaptability from a single platform. Where connectivity isn't an issue, researchers can now launch the iPinion “in-the-moment” surveys through a Web link or QR code. IPinion is tempting customers who like native programs and Web apps.

IPinion’s customer user-base for local apps continues to grow at a robust level. IPinion provides market analysts and product bosses with the opportunity to benefit from the company’s platform’s strength and also leverage the company’s world-class services bureau and mobile panel network of just about 1.3 million members on smartphone and tablet gizmos. “As first to market with its smartphone Web App, significant deliveries booked for the following 24 months in the product roadmap and countless top tier customers, iPinion is creating itself as the sector leader and thought leader in the global smartphone survey market,” claims Michael Skarzynski, CHIEF EXECUTIVE of Red Lion Technologies, LLC, Advisor for iPinion and previous MANAGER of Arbitron NYSE:ARB. About iPinion, LLC : . IPinion, LLC is a leading enterprise-grade smartphone market analysis solutions provider.

Integrating its advanced smartphone application platform with its top class service bureau and a panel network of virtually 1.3 million members, iPinion delivers unprecedented smartphone data collection capabilities for the study industry. The iPinion local application is available for iOS, Android and Edge and can be freely download on iTunes, Android Market, and Blackberry App World respectively.

Motivating Patients To Use Smartphone Health Programmes

Smartphone programmes are increasing in popularity and are being commonly used in health-care as health programmes. An online survey was conducted by Purchaser Health Information Corporation (CHIC) to gauge consumer interest in health applications and appraise the likelihood of patient conformity to them. The survery was distributed to smartphone shoppers at associated varsities, companies, and posted on Facebook in April 2011. Survey results were picked up from 395 respondants.

. The STYLISH survey stems from a March 2011 consumer survey showing that 26% of programs are downloaded and used only once. Of the folks that confirm using their apps, 74% drop out by the tenth use. The same survey nevertheless, also shows that 26% of smartphone applications retain consumer loyalty and are used repeatedly.

The STYLISH survey shows that the provision of a better app (34.4%) and absence of user friendliness (32.6%) are the top reasons for discontinuation of smartphone applications. Survey question : Why do you usually stop using a smartphone app? . Never stopped – 2.3% . Other – 4.8% . Incorrect – 10.2% . Not engaging – 15.8% . Not well designed – 32.6% . Found a better one – 34.4% . In general, simplicity of navigation (90.9%) was the top feature that made applications favorable.

Apropos interest in health programmes, the great majority of surveyed purchasers said that they'd be most interested in using a health app to gain information (91.1%). Survey question : How would you like to utilize a health app? (Check all that apply) . To keep a record of health info – 48.5% . To help in managing disease or drug – 58.4% . To gain information – 91.1% . Behavioral scientists hypothesize that for health programmes to be successful and change patient behavior, they ought to target inspirational needs to promote behaviour change.

A lot of surveyed consumers agreed with this and said that they might be more certain to use an interactive app that will research logged info and provide feedback (79.9%). Based primarily on this reply, personal feedback is key as it will supply the inducement for behavior change. Survey question : Would you be more certain to use a program that may analyze the info you are . Logging and give you feedback as to how you are doing? . No – 20.1% . Yes – 79.9% . A study that looked at smoking cessation applications revealed that the majority were not evidence-based nor deeply rooted in proven methods of usefulness for smokers.

Of the 47 smoking apps identified and analyzed in the study, none met the tenet recommendations. . The STYLISH survey also found that : . * Purchasers were most inclined to employ a health app to find info regarding drugs (42.2%) or . Disease states (26.5%). * 39.8% were pleased to use such a health app one or two times a day. * The bulk of consumers were either somewhat influenced by (55.8%) or much . Influenced (32.2%) by consumer ratings of apps.

* 33.4% of clients preferred health applications to be free but the majority were pleased to pay, with . 30.9% willing to pay $1.00-$5.99. * Vis preference for health-related task reminders, shoppers did not want telephone calls, . Drug vials, or email reminders.

The bulk of consumers preferred reminders thru their . Mobile telephones like text messages (41.1%), smartphone applications (20.3%), or telephone alarm . (19.5%). Survey question : How would you most wish to receive a reminder to perform a health related . Task? . Phone call – 1.3% . Humming drug vial – 2.5% . E-mail – 15.2% . Phone alarm – 19.5% . App – 20.3% . Text – 41.1% . Ultimately, it's the patient who chooses whether or not they will continue to use a program or take a drug.

Patients won't employ a smartphone app simply because it is inventive or convenient. Instead, they desire something that's convenient and will help them shed light upon their health-related tasks. Additionally, it's not enough to have a health app that simply aids in managing or maintain a record of one’s health, patients also need feedback. Such an app should additionally be accurate and follow clinical and behaviour modification rules. The high dropout rate with smartphone apps is concerning to the health care industry because smartphone apps are beginning to play an important role in medical care. The most recent pharmaceutical industry report by Ernst & Young from Feb 2011 exposes in 2010 new initiatives in health technology by pharmaceutical companies increased by 78%. An amazing 41% of those new initiatives were smartphone apps.

For the time and resources invested, pharma companies need to ensure that their investments in smartphone apps don't fall into the 26% that are used only once but instead into the 26% that are used repeatedly. Smartphone health programmes will be effective as patient adherence tools only if they may be able to keep client loyalty. Based totally on the outcome of this survey, our company concludes that while smartphone programs represent a cutting edge system of patient outreach and education, more research needs to be conducted on their efficiency as patient adherence tools. . About Customer Health Information Concern . With over twenty-five years of experience in patient education, Buyer Health Information Company is the business frontrunner in proven patient adherence methods, health literacy, and patient education program development for prescription drugs, over the counter (OTC) products and medical devices.

Our programs for pharma corporations have increased product ROI by at least 50%.

Webinar : Smartphone And Tablet App Security Trends And Recommendations

WorkLight, a pace-setter in mobile application platform technology, and Imperva, a global leader in data security, are hosting a free webinar to explore mobile security challenges and how corporations can better protect IT systems, company data and end-user info. As enterprises get even more dependent upon portable gadgets, the requirement for both employee-facing and customer-facing applications on smart phones and tablets continues growing. WorkLight supplies the most complete and extensible IDE with maximum code reuse and per-device optimisation, next-generation mobile middleware and powerful management and analysis.

Many of the world's biggest firms depend on WorkLight to provide optimal user experiences across more devices while reducing time to market, development cost and ongoing maintenance effort. For more, visit the Net website About Imperva . Imperva is the world leader in data security. The award winning Imperva SecureSphere is the only answer that delivers full activity monitoring for databases, applications and file systems. To get more info, visit our web site.

Web Conferencing On Touch Devices : IPad Passes Muster, But Smartphones Fail To Impress, Asserts webconferencing-test

The iPad is the only touch device to support fully fledged web conferencing functionality. Smartphones ‘ small screens are an obstacle to online interaction. These are the results of a recent market survey by webconferencing-test. The independent portal tested and compared 36 online meeting tools for iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Of the 8 applications available for the iPad, the best are WebEx, Saba Centra and Teamviewer.

All solutions support uninterrupted information transmission, while the iPad apps delivered high resolution images. Nonetheless the results confirm that mobile web conferencing is still in its youth. The full gamut of web conferencing functionality – including transferring control over the mouse and keyboard, changing presenters, accessing a range of applications, and collaborating on documents in realtime – is currently unavailable on touch devices – not even on the iPad. In reality current services could be characterized as “look, but don't touch”. In future, the portal will take performance on mobile gadgets into account when ranking web conferencing solutions.

Click now to find the entire list . About the Site . It compares the functional reach of more than 30 solutions and judges how well they meet realworld wishes.

Nobel Dialer For Your Smartphone By Nobel Ltd.

In the first week of spring, NobelCom and EnjoyPrepaid have revealed the launching of their smartphone application on their Facebook pages. The software, entitled Nobel Dialer, is an application that anyone can install and run on their Android, iPhone or BlackBerry and it offers an easier way for shoppers to access their existing world calling card accounts and to start to make non-local calls. The application is free to download and has been supplied totally on the Facebook pages of the 2 service providers initially, but now it could also be found on the organization's main web sites and EnjoyPrepaid The rates are the same as when using a calling card, but the application will certainly turn out to be very convenient for its users while it does require enabling PINless dialing, but after that, the entire process for calling is piece of cake. The application comes with some handy features (like call history, fast dial through the “Favorites” screen, a catalogue of built in access numbers, and more). Although the application is in version 1.0, the general opinion looks to be the Nobel Dialer is performing properly and providing a good calling experience to users ; however improvements are shortly expected to be made by the company, and it's also the general understanding that versions compatible with the other services Nobel Limited. Is offering are in the works.

Ekahau Introduces New Wi-Fi Capacity Tools to Plan Networks for Multiplying Pills and Smartphones

Ekahau Incorporated, the international leader in high performance Wi-Fi-based Real Time Location Systems and Wi-Fi tools, today released 2 products – Ekahau Site Survey distribution press releases version 5.5, and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer – that help network directors design, deploy and troubleshoot high-capacity Wi-Fi networks. Unlike any other Wi-Fi (WLAN) planning and administration tools, the latest version of ESS takes the capacity of the Wi-Fi network entirely into account. ESS accurately researches the network capacity based totally on the number of Wi-Fi devices, and the applications run on them. This is needed for today's networks where a rising number of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, computers and keyboard-less devices need increasing network capacity.

When planning a Wi-Fi network for info, voice, or RTLS, to support a significant number of wireless devices, ESS will suggest a rather more dense access point placement. When investigating a network, ESS now will display areas of enough or insufficient capacity. ESS also provides detailed problem fixing analysis, showing the quantity of associated clients per access point and displaying areas where too many voice calls will be placed at the same time via a single access point. “In the age of smartphones and tablets, the question for Wi-Fi network directors is not just about coverage any longer, it's about capacity,” asserted Jussi Kiviniemi, director of Product Promoting at Ekahau.

“With our recent version of ESS, network administrators can be absolutely sure that their Wi-Fi network is capable of handling current and future capacity demands. This addition expands the growing list of ESS' unusual features, which already include realtime location system (RTLS) integration, compound site surveys and an Android network research application.” . The new Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer allows the user to recognise, identify and find interference issues in Wi-Fi networks without trouble. DBx Pro, which replaces the previous DBx Range Analyzer, offers significant enhancements, such as interference classification, a device finder and a re-designed control panel. . Ekahau Site Survey 5.5 and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer are available now from through the Ekahau website and thru Ekahau's authorized distribution partners. About Ekahau Inc. Ekahau Incorporated.

Is the business frontrunner in providing Wi-Fi-based RTLS solutions. Ekahau's consumers, including a few Fortune five hundred firms across the world are realizing the benefits of Wi-Fi based location services and inventive Wi-Fi network planning and optimization tools. Ekahau's solutions are being employed in more than 300 hospices around the world in addition to by manufacturing, retail and industrial companies, official agencies and the army. Ekahau partners include wireless software developers, leading system integrators and international OEM partners, who develop and market wireless firm applications.