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Web Conferencing On Touch Devices : IPad Passes Muster, But Smartphones Fail To Impress, Asserts webconferencing-test

The iPad is the only touch device to support fully fledged web conferencing functionality. Smartphones ‘ small screens are an obstacle to online interaction. These are the results of a recent market survey by webconferencing-test. The independent portal tested and compared 36 online meeting tools for iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Of the 8 applications available for the iPad, the best are WebEx, Saba Centra and Teamviewer.

All solutions support uninterrupted information transmission, while the iPad apps delivered high resolution images. Nonetheless the results confirm that mobile web conferencing is still in its youth. The full gamut of web conferencing functionality – including transferring control over the mouse and keyboard, changing presenters, accessing a range of applications, and collaborating on documents in realtime – is currently unavailable on touch devices – not even on the iPad. In reality current services could be characterized as “look, but don't touch”. In future, the portal will take performance on mobile gadgets into account when ranking web conferencing solutions.

Click now to find the entire list . About the Site . It compares the functional reach of more than 30 solutions and judges how well they meet realworld wishes.