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Paradigm Sample(TM) Launches Consumer Research Field’s First Full-Featured Smartphone App


Framework Sample(TM) continues its placement as a leading innovator in mobile capacities for the purchaser research industry with its arrival of an application for smartphones that permits panel participators to go through the complete panel experience thru the iPhone. Previously, the industry standard was PC-driven with a web portal. The company developed its new iPhone app for IdeaShifters(TM), its custom panel of tough to reach, yet highly coveted buyers in the18-34 demographic who are specifically inducted from across the U.S. For their receptivity to and usage of portable devices. . Rather than depending on more intrusive e-mail communications, an icon pops up on their iPhones to point out a questionnaire when panelists go to a specific retail location, for example a corner store.

As well as the ability to receive and complete local, criteria-specific surveys on their iPhones, panelists also can view their account status and relevant motivations for participation, and redeem points. Further, should panelists record negative comments about their shopping experiences, store managers will receive fast notification so they can remedy the situation and minimize the potential impact of social media. “As these consumers are already happy to mobile technology, it is simpler and more effective to engage them with the iPhone app, and it buttresss the immediacy of the mobile platform for data collection,” asserted Sima Vasa, Manager of Model Sample(TM). “Accordingly, we collect richer info in real time that our customers can use for such key business issues as trail to buy customer satisfaction and new product launches inside test markets.” . The iPhone app, which should be available at Apple’s online App Store by the end of July, is the 1st step in Framework Sample’s(TM) mobile application map. Forthcoming over the next few months will be a program for the Android platform with at minimum the same functionality as well as expanded capacities in the iPhone app to address client’s information needs . For full info, please contact Sima Vasa at sima (at) paradigmsample (dot) com or call 877-277-8009 ext one hundred.

About Model Sample(TM) . Model Sample(TM), a leading edge world sample company based in Port Washington, NY, uses a consultative approach with clients to meet their end-to-end sample wants. The company specializes in hard-to-reach audiences and leads the purchaser research industry in online and mobile panels. They are driving mobile panel development and info collection invention with MobilePulse(TM), their real- time info collection capability. Model Sample(TM) has sustained double-digit quarter- over-quarter growth since its inception in early 2009.