Nokia Pure View

Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

Nokia 808 Pure View now available in more online stores with …

Nokia Pure View is also the initial Nokia pho First look: Nokia 808 Pure View

By Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi, April 11, 2012 The 41 megapixel smartphone from Nokio feature Pure View technology and it has a heavy price tag too. Nokia had announced the launch of its 41 megapixel
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The Mobile Indian

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Nokia

Nokia caused a stir at the recent Mobile World Congress where it unveiled a phone with a 41-megapixel camera. Although that device, the Pure View 808, is only on its unlovropped heavy hints that a Windows Phone
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Nokia 808 Pure View Price and Specification | FreeiTech

Price of Nokia 808 is 56000/-. Nokia 808 is the Smartphone with 41 Mega pixel camera from…/nokia-808-pure-view-price-and-specific…

Nokia 808 Pure View now available in more online stores with …

Nokia 808 Pure View is just a few weeks now from the retail stores. In the mean time, it is available in many online stores at 'different' prices. Now Available atref=”” title=””>…

ne to record in hi-def, additionally supporting Dolby Digital Plus.
Talking about components, this new mobile phone consists of a 1.3GHz single central processor along with a ram of 512MB. Very little, when compared to superpowerful quad-core smart-phones lately.
Yet, this happened smart by Nokia, that – in contrast to a bit of its fancier competitors – geared toward keeping things uncomplicated, without impacting the sleek and sudden feeling hand-on.