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Whole lotta pixels! Discover new Nokia Pure View: 41 megapixels of visual delight.

Take Photograph Strips On-The-Go With Photograph Booth – Brand New And Unique For BlackBerry(TM) Smartphones

Any person often taking footage with his or her BlackBerryreg ; Smartphone knows that it takes some patience to shoot a good photograph. When photographing a landscape, no problem. But when making an attempt to capture action in the heath of the instant, patience can be scarce. Photo Booth solves this problem . S4BB Limited, nominee at the Worldwide Mobile App Awards 2011, developed a new, fun photography app ; “Photograph Booth”. This unique application is the mobile alternative of the well-known photographic booth one can find local malls ; this one’s lightweight, available whenever and wherever.

All that's required is to hold the telephone still and make an amusing face, the application does the rest ; targeting, determining whether a flash is needed and then shooting the photo. The photos are then saved in strips of four. In the studio, users can either view the entire strip, or zoom in to one picture.

This involves the new BlackBerryreg ; Torch(TM) 9800, BlackBerryreg ; Bold(TM) 9780, BlackBerryreg ; Style(TM) 9670, BlackBerryreg ; Storm2(TM), BlackBerryreg ; Curve(TM) 3G 9300, 9330. As an introduction offer Photographic Booth is presently available on BlackBerryreg ; App World and Mobihand with a discount of 40 percent, lowering the cost to only $2.99. For further info about Photo Booth, visit our internet site . About S4BB Limited : . S4BB Limited is a Hong Kong-based company, focusing on the development of mobile applications. Its market-leading BlackBerryreg ; products cover just about every aspect of what's possible on a portable gadget. It provides software for the world-wide mobile market, for example games, productivity applications, administration tools, mobile communication products, as well as desktop applications for preparing data for your portable device.