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Devices Aren’t Dead : 36 P.c Of Smartphone Owners Say Programmes Don’t Satisfy Their Needs

Abalta, a leading developer of location-based software solutions, today released a white paper titled Dedicated Devices Are not Dead – Exploring the Clamor for Apps versus. Hardware. The paper disagrees that while today’s “app culture” has certainly interrupted several technologies, the mobile electronics market is showing signs of resistance to being fully cannibalized by smartphones. Among other observations, the study shows that 36 p.c of smartphone owners still like dedicated devices that supply a better experience. “It is vital that we remind ourselves that the consumer market is not homogeneous,” said Michael O’Shea, president of Abalta Technologies, “While it’s simple to accept that a disruptive technology, like smartphones, will speedily cannibalize incumbent solutions, there’s powerful proof to show that both programmes and devices can live harmoniously in the market given customer desires and perceptions.” . The Abalta white paper presents a well balanced view of the debate highlighting areas of both convergence and diverging, and is backed by an Abalta-commissioned study that presents a real customer point-of-view.

Given the fondness for mobile sport and fitness devices and applications in the market, Abalta chose to focus the study on two distinct segments of the people – golfers and runners who also own a smartphones. The study provides details into the preferences of these segments while also presenting bigger insights into the drivers of these purchases. Key highlights from the study and white paper :

  • Divergence Exists : 36 percent of smartphone owners are rejecting convergence. Momentarily said this suggests a certain wedge of purchaser still wants separate mobile electronic devices that may offer a better experience than smartphones and programmes can provide.


  • Story of Convenience versus. Quality : Apropos purchase drivers, an irregularity exists between those who prefer apps vs those that like devices. The tale is one of convenience over quality. The top reasons for purchasing programmes are convenience and straightforwardness of purchase while quality and precision are noted as the top reasons for dedicated devices.
  • Saturation or Cannibalization? : Proof in the market,eg Garmin’s financials, show that declines in some electronics segments, for example lightweight navigation devices, could be a result of saturation vs app cannibalization. Powerful growth in Garmin’s Outdoor and Fitness business units contradicts the exponential growth of smartphones and app downloads.


The white paper “Dedicated Devices Aren’t Dead – Exploring the Requirement for Programs vs . Hardware” can be downloaded at abaltatech in our “Insights” section or directly at our Internet site offerte internet Methodological Notes . Abalta’s figures are based totally on an internet survey conducted in April 2011 by Survey Analysing among 244 smartphone users in the United States. . ABOUT ABALTA . Abalta is a leading developer of location-based software solutions. From dedicated GPS devices to consumer smartphone applications to connected automobile systems, the Corporation has supported a large range of clients in delivering inventive and engaging experiences to their end-customers.

Abalta has helped firms grow in their respective fields with a deep perception of the market mixed with an unequaled technical ability in software and systems in our domain. Spanning eight years, Abalta has launched over 150 individual programs for fifty different consumer brands worldwide. For full info, come visit abaltatech or follow us on Twitter abaltatech.