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New Rules Engine Solution By Enprovia(TM) Now Adds Suppleness Accessing Your Business Through IPad And Smartphones

An example of applying this new flexible rules engine solution could be to form rules for monitoring and cautioning of invoice amounts inside an acquisition process. Business users themselves can set up two rules. If the company that sent the invoice is blacklisted, an alert to the Finance Controller is sent instantly.

System integrators and software sellers can now provide professional services to their customers writing domain particular rules. Business users can configure rules in a rules engine without any needs for programming abilities since a specific domain language is employed. Once the ERP system receives a bill, it can call a straightforward URL, passing the specific parameters about the invoice, these parameters are elaborated by the rule engine and each time conditions mentioned above are satisfied, a message is pushed to mobile device with all required info. The user can instantly follow up on it. The rule engine is universal and it can be configured with any rules.

An easy element may be used for any sort of business where a quick alert and chase up are needed or perhaps critical. The solution can be tailored according to individual wishes of its business users and supports Apple iPad, iPhone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and MS Windows Telephone 7. Additional info on the best way to exploit the solution and to supply additional customer value. About enproviareg ; . Enprovia innovates in mobile enterprise technology and provides professional services covering the entire project lifecycle. We help our buyers to control and control corporate processes and document workflows and our solutions can be found in world firms around the globe. Set up as a personal company in 2006 we have our headquarters in Slovakia with offices in Germany and the U. S. Enprovia is an officially recognized trademark of enprovia Software Engineering s.r.o. All other company and product names mentioned might be trademarks of the specific corporations with which they are associated.