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One Out Of 4 U.S. Immigrant Smartphone Owners Use P.C Or Mobile Video Calling, According To New Survey From Rebtel

Rebtel, the planet's second biggest mobile VoIP company after Skype, today confirmed results from its latest study based on U.S. Immigrant and first-generation buyer mobile usage and behaviour. The results were primarily based on 1,340 replies from immigrants living in the United States, which represent a consumer portion of roughly 38 million consumers. According to the survey, 24% of those that responded to owning a smartphone have utilised a video calling service on either their Personal computer or cell telephone, representing roughly five million US people. Facetime and Yahoo! Messenger came in 2nd and third place, representing nearly 14% of users, followed by Tango at 8%. The Oprah effect? . Comparing male to female responses, Skype was an overwhelming favourite of among women with 74% saying to utilise the application, while only 42% of men preferred Skype.

Here’s a breakdown of the different sex percentages : . Males : . Skype 42% . Facetime 15% . Yahoo! Messenger 14% . Other twenty p.c. Females : . Skype 74% . Facetime 7% . Yahoo! Messenger 13% . Tango 3% . Other three percent . In terms of whether those polled would be content to pay a once per month charge to make video calls, 21% answered yes, with 79% asserting they would not be content to pay a fee. Men were approximately 1.5x as certain to pay a fee than women, with 22% of males and only 14% of females saying they would be willing to do it. Out of the immigrants in the study hailing from Cuba, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines and UK currently residing in the States, all segments ranked Skype as their most preferred video calling application of preference.

. Immigrant and first generation US citizens choose to make video calls,” recounted Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel. “Facetime, and Yahoo! Messenger not only have some significant catching up to do, but they’ll have to be much more assertive if they actually need to distance themselves from other competing services like Tango, which seem to be closing ground quickly.” . According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, there are 37.9 million immigrants (both legal and illegal) in the U.S. 10.8 million of those are not lawful.

The study was conducted in November 2010 with a sample group of respondents made up of Rebtel users split into 11 different racial groups ; Cuba, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines and UK. Each ethnicity received their own identical survey and all the respondents are at present found in the US. About Rebtel . Rebtel is the world's largest independent mobile VoIP company. There aren't any monthly charges, no connection costs, or hidden costs to use Rebtel. For more information, or to begin to use Rebtel, go to the internet site distribution press releases