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IngZ Brings MMO Role-playing Game To The Smartphone With Traveller AR : nokia pure view.

IngZ, Incorporated, an Austin-based mobile application development company, reported today at SXSW ScreenBurn 2011 it is developing Visitor AR : Traveller-AR a stupendously multi player online role playing game for the iPhone. The location-aware space fantasy game, available this summer, uses AR Augmented Fact to create an immersive experience with the real world – instead of a computer or TV screen – as the backdrop for the gaming universe. Till now, MMORPGs have been restricted to the P.C. With Traveller AR, ingZ is pioneering the next wave of MMORPGs that may use the smartphone to get gamers out of their basements and give them encouragement to explore the world around them.

Moving outside the restrictions of a PC monitor will allow mobile game players to take enhanced fact on the road and explore the enormous Visitor universe that is being “painted” with the entire sky as the palette. Traveller AR is based on the award-winning pen-and-paper science-fiction roleplaying game first developed in 1976. With the exclusive mobile license from Far Future Companies – the holder of the Visitor IP – ingZ is creating the explorable “known space” of the Traveller AR game based primarily on 35 years of development. The game database contains more than forty thousand fully explorable star systems and 350,000 fixed space objects such as stars, planets and bases, creating one of the largest game spaces ever built on any platform.

Users’ home towns will represent their own planets, where they can engage in battles, alliances, commerce and other activities. “Traveller AR finally moves the MMO experience to the smartphone to take game-players outside the home into the genuine world.” Howlett continued, “Unlike any other smartphone games, Visitor AR has fantastic depth for RPG fans, and the unique enhanced reality experience adds to the sensation of engaged and interactive role-play.” . Traveller AR Benefits :

  • Become instantly immersed in the gorgeous and dangerous augmented reality of deep space.
  • Explore a galaxy’s worth of depth achieving new ranks, prizes, and levels for both you and your ship.
  • Join in exciting PvP or PvE battles or simply explore and trade for infinite replay-ability.

Visitor AR Main Features :

  • Portal-View Technology(TM) permits you to Improve the Actuality around you, just as if you were looking out the portal of a genuine space-ship.
  • HexMode(TM) allows you to zoom out and engage in tactical combat, trading, and exploration, like the Original Visitor Pen and Paper RPG.

Availability : . Traveler AR should be available on the iPhone in summer of 2011. Other smartphones, OS versions, and platforms will follow. . About ingZ : . IngZ, Inc. Is a mobile application engineering company that was set up to help smartphone users share knowledge and experiences with one another.

Based in Austin, Texas, ingZ makes some of the world's deepest and most engrossing smartphone applications. Other ingZ apps include touringZ and Tour Guide Tool new press releases Harlan Beverly . Hbeverly (at) ingz-inc (dot) com . SXSW ScreenBurn booth 415 . About Far Future Enterprises : . Far Future Companies is a game design company established to create, publish, and license the Visitor science-fiction role playing game.

Based in Bloomington, Illinois, Far Future Companies features the works of Excitement Gaming Hall-Of-Fame designer Marc Miller.